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Ringle is a blend of modern yacht technology
with timeless values from the high art period
of yacht design, reminiscent of the first half of
the twentieth century.

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The designer, Andy Dovell, an American trained naval architect who has been seminal in modern Australian yacht design from America’s Cup challengers to fast blue water racers, was asked to create a yacht of classic beauty to turn heads but also go like the blazes; a yacht that would constantly surprise and delight from every angle; a yacht that would inspire pride of ownership ... even love; a yacht that is different!

Ringle clearly owes much to the genius of the Herreshoff family dynasty but she gives little away to modern hull design, save minimal loss of waterline length to create the elegant overhangs. A close look at the scantlings evokes America’s Cup values -

she is lean but straight sided for increased stability, the eye is drawn away by the utmost care and subtlety of the sheer, below water she is radical modern technology and with a light weight carbon fibre rig and formidable sail area her performance potential is exceptional.

Honesty and craftsmanship are the principles of the construction. This is a wooden boat, albeit a light one. There are no linings or bulkheads inside, only elegant touches of fine but lightweight natural timber finishes, so there is an uninterrupted view forward to the bow showing all the functional aspects of a sailing yacht fitted with care and attention to detail.

Accommodation and amenities are comfortable light and airy but of the simplest kind, making no concessions to ‘houseboat values’. This boat says sailing is the purpose.

Ringle will fit, along with her two-piece mast and removable keel, in a high top container for ease and economy of transportation, and is supplied with a rotating cradle on rollers for permanent or occasional dry storage.

Perfect Blend

The old and the new, a perfect blend of nostalgia for the great age of sailing and the latest design criteria for speed and ease of management. Have both and step away from the uniformity of modern yachting without giving anything away.


Inspired by designs from a lost era but with the scantlings of a modern America’s Cup 12 Metre, lean but straight sided, the eye is drawn by the utmost care and subtlety of the sheerline.


Simple elegance below decks, luxurious
leather, fine timber finishes, space, light
and functional.


Hand crafted stainless steel fittings and the highest grade Burmese teak throughout.


Tiller steering, feel the water in your fingers. Power, high aspect carbon rig and heavily roached Aramid sails controlled by hydraulics and powered winches.


Download a comprehensive
Specification sheet here.

L.O.A 11.96 m / 39’ 4”
Beam - 2.56m / 8‘ 5”
Draft - 2.65 m / 8’8”
Displacement - 4750 kg
Sail Area - 70 sq m / 750 sq ft
Designer - Andy Dovell
Builder - Sydney Harbour Boat Builders /
Myanmar / Burma


Race your boat in the Caribbean or
Porto Cervo, shipped in advance in its
own custom designed 40 foot container.


Traditionally built, designed for high
performance, an aesthetic masterpiece,
there is nothing like it in the world.

Following a successful career as a Surgeon in Australia and London, he now devotes his time to sailing and the restoration of classic yachts as director of SHBB Sydney/ Burma. As a youth, he raced VJ dinghies and generally “messing about in boats” at Middle Harbour Skiff club. During 12 years in London doing his post grad training and medical research, his spare time was spent racing Dragons and Darings at Cowes and cruising England, the French canals and the Mediterranean in a Bristol Channel Pilot yacht he restored. Living and working in Sydney since the early 80’s with his spare time spent cruising and racing an elderly Ben Lexen designed Maxi in the South Pacific and SE Asia.
In 2004, along with his nephew, Alastair Mackay, he founded the boat restoration business in Myanmar which has recently almagamated with SHBB Australia. Ringle is a long standing dream shared and discussed with people like David Adams, Kenny Beashel, Kent King, Simon Blundell, Betsy, Mark Fesq, Michael Champion, Chris Anstee, Piers Ackerman, Zapper and many other notable yachties that shared his vision.
American/Australian naval architect well reknowned throughout the sailing fraternity. Graduate and post graduate of John Hopkins and Berkley Universities. Veteran Americas Cup campaigner and tank testing consultant with syndicates such as Stars and Stripes, USA and Australian campaigns. Andy has worked with a roll call of famous designers, engineers and entrepreneurs, Britton Chance, Bruce Nelson, Tom Blackaller, Olin Stephens, Ian Byrnes, Ian Murray, Alan Bond, to name but a few. He is the designer of the “Sydney” series of yachts (38, 41, 36, 46 and 60) that have defined and dominated harbour and blue water racing in Australia and abroad.
Hi designs include Sydney to Hobart winners Bumblebee and Terra Firma, and the elegant and commercially successful Palm Beach motor boat range. East coast Americans love Herreshoff or S&S or both and Andy is no exception.

The influences and legacies of these famous designers are immediately apparent in the design of Ringle. With the Ringle design, one of his primary challenges was the requirement that this boat fit into a 40’ shipping container - mast, keel, hull and all! With just inches to spare, he succeeded without compromising the look and performance.
“Gaz” is a 5th generation shipwright and director of SHBB Sydney/Burma. His family have been involved in the trade in Balmain since the turn of the century. His great grandfather, Cameron Books of Snails Bay Balmain was highly regarded as the premier Australian yacht builder of the 1920’s. Now in his own right, Gary has developed a long and illustrious history on Sydney Harbour within the wooden boat industry. Following a close working relationship with the famed and much missed Ian Perdriau, Gary is now regarded as Sydney’s premier wooden boat builder and has played important roles in new builds and restorations of many famous boats. Gary traveled frequently to Myanmar (Burma) to supervise the development and construction of the Ringle 39, and other yacht restorations in addition to starting up a new teak deck prefabrication business. The latest being the restoration of Baron Bich’s America’s Cup yacht ‘Chanceggar’. Much of the Ringle’s finishing touches were added by Sydney Harbour Boat Builders at their Rozelle yard.
Peter is another born shipwright - selling petrol and ice to local yachties from the age of 8, and racing skiffs out of Middle Harbour as a youth, he built his first wooden boat at the age of 18 - and hasn’t stopped since! As a mate of Gary’s since their Tech College days, they worked together on many projects spanning 20 years before partnering and founding the Sydney Harbour Boat Builders company based at Rozelle near the shores of Sydney Harbour. Peter has an acute business mind to complement his practical skills, and successfully applies these to the SHBB business. Always exercising great pride in his build projects,
with an eye for quality, 
he takes great satisfaction from the knowledge that his products will last and can be enjoyed for generations. Alternating his time at the Myanmar Shipyard with Gary, he likes the freedom of the Burmese work environment, honest and bureaucratic-free, where the skilled local workers can concentrate on their craftsmanship and create high quality boats such as the Ringle. The Ringle has been an exciting project for Peter blending a modern concept and materials with more traditional stripped- plank hull construction techniques, to create a unique completed product.
“Al” is a lifelong sailor starting from his early youth in Geelong racing dinghys, and culminating in a full time 1st Mate position for several years on a large charter yacht in the South Pacific. Combining his early trade as a cabinet maker with a Commerce degree and his love of sailing and travel, Alastair witnessed first hand the restoration and building of the 100 year old classic Fyfe schooners Moonbeam IV and Sunshine in Myanmar. Being the “land of teak” and with the local
workers displaying such impressive levels of the craft
of fine woodworking and metal working skills, in partnership with his uncle, Tim, they capitalised on all these benefits to begin a yacht building and construction company in Yangon. Following several restorations and rebuilds of some famous yachts led naturally into design and construction of production boats. The Ringle being the latest creation and epitomising the ethos of the Yangon shipyard and Al’s and Tim’s love and devotion to quality modern yachts built in a traditional style with universal appeal.
As a professional sailor and navigater with over 250,000 sea miles, and current full time captain of another of Tim’s maxis (“El Oro” restored in Myanmar(Burma) 3 yrs ago and now based in SE Asia), Simon has acted as delivery skipper for several of the Burma shipyard projects. The challenge of getting boats at the end of their lives across oceans and up the river to Yangon is surpassed
only by the joy of sailing them away following a restoration that has returned them to their original glory! He finds the Ringle project exciting, blending a classic looking yacht design and extreme high performance. This is truly a special boat, easy to handle and a joy to sail, designed and built by sailors. As he sums up - “You can now look good while going fast!”
Sailor and fifth generation wine merchant. In many ways the inspiration for this project. He rescued one of the most beautiful boats in Sydney Harbour, ‘Nina’, a pocket 8-Metre designed by Warwick Hood, built by Ron Balkwell and launched in 1967.  
Nina was beautifully restored by SHBB and she became the ideal that guided many of the aesthetic decisions we made for Ringle. Mark brings the confidence, business acumen and management skills that have enabled the Sydney/Myanmar (Burma) partnership.
Ask anyone on the waterfront and chances are they know him or have sailed with him. A revered Hobart sailor with 34 races he started life in the Manly Skiff club with Russel Slade and he sailed in his first Hobart in Russel’s “Janzoon” in 1955. Then was selected in the Gretel 1 Team for the 1962 Americas cup challenge and a number of Admirals Cups in legendary boats , Freya, Koomooloo, Ragamuffin.
He circumnavigated in the high latitudes as skipper of “Benedic” Dick Dusseldorp’s Ketch in 1971 and has been working with Tim for the past 11 years on various marine projects with cruises in the South Pacific as crew and skipper of Tim’s elderly Maxi ‘Cordelia”. He has been intimately involved in the ‘Ringle’ project for the past 3 years and has been the sounding board and voice of reason in this much debated project.
Phil is Operations Director and an owner of Sheerline, a company successfully supplying masts and rigging to yachting in Australia over 40 years. Qualified as an electrical fitter mechanic, Phil has had almost 30 years experience in building and installing all types of yacht masts, rigging and in boat electrics for inshore and blue water yachts. He is also a specialist in surveying yacht rigs and rig preparation for cruising or racing inshore or in blue water events. As project manager/sailing master he has facilitated participation of international competitors in the Sydney to Hobart Race and other offshore events. As a Certified IRC Measurer he has attended National and International Measuring Conferences 
on behalf of Yachting Australia. He is a member of the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, Middle Harbour Yacht Club and President of the Middle Harbour 16ft Skiff Club where he has worked for the continuing development of Junior Sailing in NSW in the Manly Junior, Flying Eleven, 29er and 13ft skiffs classes over many years. Being Australia’s number one rigger, Phil was the natural choice to be commissioned to create and tune the Ringle’s high-tech carbon fibre rig, overcoming such challenges as fixed rod- rigging tension controlled by a custom built hydraulic mast jack and finely tuned swept-back spreaders designed to eliminate any fixed or running backstays.
Jordan has messed with boats all his life, and is a boat builder by trade. After working with many prestigious companies around Australia, he was approached 3 yrs ago by SHBB to join their team based his high quality of workmanship and attention to detail. Jordan is renowned for his precision work and never accepting anything less than the best. This is reflected in his strong organisational skills and mild temperament. He is responsible for much of the finer “finishing off” touches on the Ringle that were completed at their Sydney shipyard.
An ex-pat Singaporean-Chinese who has lived most of his life in NZ and Australia. Chin did his apprenticeship as a boat builder in 1978 at Orams Marine, then joined the Merchant Navy serving as a Seaman for 8 years. Following his time at sea, he moved to Australia to return to boat building.
While building timber composite Catamarans he mastered the art of applying high quality 2 pack coatings and brightwork preparation and finishing. Chin is currently a full time yacht spray painter and is solely responsible for the high quality paint and varnish finishes on the Ringle 39.


The team that created this boat has
years of experience at the highest levels
of competition and construction, it is an
expression of their ideals.



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